Photo 7.

I looked up and there
Were the vast, golden specters
Gazing down at me.


Photo 6.

                                                                     A snowy halo                                                         
                                                          Placed upon blushing blossoms
                                                                  They placidly bear.


Photo 5.

The grounded spect mimed
To me mimed, for it can't speak,
The sun is out now.

Brown Spect

Photo 4.

Wheaty pearls ballet dancing,
Beneath their sighs they disclose
Who's song they chase.


Photo 3.

                                                                 He is quite busy
                                                      28 days to perform his duty
                                                               Before life closes.


Photo 2.

 She kisses winter
                                                       Flirts with summer; then she leaves
                                                                   We pine; thus is spring.


Photo 1.

                                                                   The walk that I took
                                                                 Reminded me of us two,
                                                                      We are, derelict.